Jane Doe
Becky Crist
Academic Director, MIndStream Academy

I could not have hoped for a better working relationship with an online academy! As a new administrator for a boarding school using virtual learning I have truly appreciated the quick access I have had to teachers and administrators at Advantages Schools. Knowing our students are being guided by teachers with a minimum of ten years teaching experience and a Masters Degree assures me that the teachers our students depend on are well qualified in their subject matter. The weekly progress reports are helpful to students and parents by allowing them to view quality of work and grades to date via email. Based on my experience, I would recommend Advantages Schools to anyone in need of online education! Thank you Allison and Sandy!

Jane Doe
Nicole Borkoski
M.Ed., MindStream Academy

Advantages has been great for our students. They really customize each curriculum to the individual student, and our students are thriving. Online education provides an opportunity for students to move at their own pace while receiving individual attention. Advantages teachers and staff are very helpful in supporting our students so when they return to their home school, they are right on track.

Jane Doe
Emily Daniel
School Instructor, Four Winds Ranch

Dear Staff at Advantages School, I am writing this letter to thank you for your hard work, and wonderful school program. I am the school instructor at Four Winds Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma. We are a treatment center for adolescent girls. In January 2012, we switched from working with our local public school system to working with Advantages Private School. Advantages School has been a phenomenal change for our girls. When most girls enter our program, they are behind in school, and some are going to miss the opportunity to graduate with their class. Advantages School has given the girls the opportunity to earn their high school diploma and go on to college when they leave here. The parents of our students are ecstatic with the program, and have had no problems receiving transcripts or diplomas.

The staff at Advantages School has been great to work with. My calls and emails are always returned in a timely manner, with the answers to any questions I may have. Jeff Wilson and Allison Dampier have been amazing contact people for us. Four Winds is very appreciative and grateful for the Advantages School program. Our goal is to give the girls here the tools to succeed in life, and Advantages School is helping us achieve that goal by getting our girls caught up in school, and helping them graduate. Thank you Advantages, for all you do!!

Sincerely, Emily Daniel, School Instructor, Four Winds Ranch

Jane Doe
Ann Repogle

My son is a competitive tennis player. The Advantages program has enable him to travel and not miss a bit with his education. We have found the program to be challenging, thorough, and engaging.

Jane Doe
Amy Ashworth

My child was enrolled in Advantages School International and I have nothing but great things to say, from the ease of enrollment to the support of all the staff. The teachers were extremely welcoming and readily available to my son. The support staff always responded to my questions in a timely manner and were beyond helpful in closing out the school year for my son when he needed to speed things up. He was in a little bit of a crunch time and while his sense of urgency is not ASI’s problem, they did whatever they could to assist him with his situation to make things happen. We could not have been more pleased with our experience with Advantages School International.

Jane Doe
Clark County School District, Nevada

As a counselor for a large school district, ASI has been an excellent resource for our students wanting to retake a course for a better grade, or to take extra courses to get ahead. The staff is excellent, and the transcripts provided go seamlessly onto our district’s transcripts.

Jane Doe
11th grade student

Using the tutorials in ASI was very helpful. I was having problems with a few concepts in Algebra II and after using the tutorial, I was able to bring my grade up from 79% to 91%. The system was very easy to use, and the tutorials used my prior knowledge to adjust what units I needed to take. I am so glad I found this program.

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