NCAA Students

NCAA approved coursework for students on the move

Partnering with ASI allows for a flexible academic program where schooling, travel and training never conflict. It’s the ideal situation for students on the move.

ASI’s NCAA approved high school courses are perfect for working teens, young professionals, and those participating in competitive sports that cannot attend a traditional classroom. Some of our students work or train during the day, making regularly scheduled attendance impossible. Having a completely flexible, yet totally supported, online solution allows for self paced study and course completion on your schedule.

Internet connection is all that is required to access NCAA approved online courses. Dynamic and interactive instruction is embedded into the curriculum and is 100% online. There are no books or downloadable components to purchase or carry.

Our teachers and support staff with each student independently to ensure that the NCAA parameters are continuously met and that the student is successful in his or her academic program leading to a college career in sports.

ASI is fully accredited by AdvancEd, the largest internationally recognized academic accreditation bureau. Our best NCAA approved online high schools are published on the NCAA website. Please click on the NCAA web link below, and enter our CEEB Code in the empty field to see our approved list.

CEEB Code 290079

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