International Dual Diploma

Have an advantage when applying to US colleges and Universities

International students can earn a US High School Diploma without leaving home.

Our International Dual Diploma program is an academic cooperation between ASI and our international partners. By working together we support their students looking to attend college in the United States by issuing a US College Preparatory Diploma to students who have met our graduation requirements.

International students may transfer 75% of earned credit from their national school into ASI. Students may take remaining US requirements concurrently and online with ASI. Upon completion of their national high school program, students will graduate with two diplomas without leaving their own country.

Advantages College Preparatory Diploma Program is comprised of 20 credit requirements. Typically a student in our Dual Diploma Program will need to complete 6.5 additional credits to meet US graduation requirements. These are for courses generally NOT offered outside of the United States. (English, US History, US Government)

Additionally, courses that are transferred into our program for credit must be aligned with the ASI coursework. Full course descriptions are needed from our international partnership schools.

Start your path towards obtaining a high school diploma for international students! Call ASI today to see if your program qualifies for an academic partnership or for more information about our Dual Diploma High School Program in the USA.

International Dual Diploma

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Advantages School International
Programs and Partnerships

Advantages partners with schools world-wide to provide a dual high school diploma, elementary and middle school language arts, a summer American College Experience, and much more!

Summer College Prep Event

Spend a week this summer having a US college experience

In 2016 Advantages School International joined together with our partners in Brazil and the University of Nevada in Reno and launched a new summer program experience for students interested in attending college in the United States.

Students from multiple schools in Brazil met in Sao Paulo and travelled together to the United States. They stayed on the university campus, lived in the dorms, attended classes and had multiple tours and activities in the surrounding areas.

The College Prep program was so successful, that in 2017 it will be open to all of our international partner schools. Find out more by contacting the ASI office.