English Language Arts for ELL

For English Language Learners (ELL), ASI offers the best online certificates through its online high school. Our ELL programs are suited for students at the kinder level and beyond.

Our instructional support, customization and built-in messaging features and prescriptive assessment and learning paths offer a number of benefits to English Language Learners and students with unique learning challenges.


Our curriculum provides students with numerous opportunities to acquire and apply new vocabulary. Students can listen to, speak, read and write the content vocabulary in an interactive setting with activities such as flash cards and spelling bees.


The Reference tools and online programs for ell students helps English Language Learners understand, spell and pronounce English phrases or words.


With the translation function, students can translate lesson content into a variety of languages such as Chinese, German, French, and Spanish, allowing them to fully understand the curriculum in their mother tongue.


The Text-to-Speech tool offers support in Speech format for the phrases or words in any given lesson. Learners are allowed to select their preferred voice style from a variety of choices.

Customized Learning Paths

Testing Accommodations

The block function helps instructors and administrators proctor lessons, quizzes and tests by enabling them to fully control a student’s access to particular features.

Custom Course Thresholds

To accommodate a student’s unique needs, teachers can make custom instructional delivery adjustments, such as adjusting the weight of each course component or the passing threshold.

English Language Arts Certificate

Enroll in our courses to earn an English Language Arts Certificate from Advantages School International.