ASSIST Education’s K-12 School Partner in Brazil Achieves Significant Student Gains During First Year

ASSIST Education’s K-12 School Partner in Brazil Achieves Significant Student Gains During First Year

Sao Paolo school overhauls education management system to facilitate growth and provide an exceptional education experience for students, faculty and families

RENO, NV, Jan. 15, 2019 — ASSIST Education announced that since implementing the ASSIST platform last year, the Colégio Magister school in Sao Paolo, achieved a 45-percent improvement in overall students’ English reading, writing and speaking skills through updated English Language curriculum. The school, which provides general education courses to all grades, English Language Learning (ELL) and a United States high school diploma, was also able to expand its student enrollment by 35 percent in every grade. Also, more efficient classroom management allowed for a 25 percent increase in available student and teacher 1:1 interaction. School management was 100 percent satisfied in the migration from its previous pieced-together solution to ASSIST Integrated Education Management System.

ASSIST Education’s prestigious Brazilian school partner used its ASSIST Integrated Education Management System for K-12 schools for blended learning to improve its education management system and launch a dual diploma program one year ago. Colégio Magister, a private K-12 school in Sao Paolo, created a pathway to college in the U.S. through a dual U.S. diploma program for students. By implementing the ASSIST Ecosystem in a blended-learning, English-language environment, the school is an international role model for successfully developing a dual language (English and Portuguese), dual diploma program. The launch allowed the school to attract and serve more students in a blended-learning environment. Parents of students at the school believe strongly that learning English is vital to their children’s future success. After the first semester, they saw major progress in their children’s English mastery. When it adopted ASSIST and decided to change the entire school management system, Colégio Magister made a strategic choice to grow and continue to prepare its students for a world after graduation, despite some fear of potential backlash, costs, and time to implement the new system.

“Implementing the ASSIST Ecosystem gave us the opportunity to streamline our administrative processes – saving countless hours of teacher and staff time each week,” said Katia Martinho, Academic Director at Colégio Magister. “We can now provide a superior content management and delivery system that gives teachers the ability to customize their classrooms and improve our students’ experience. It is an amazing opportunity for our students in Brazil to have access to a U.S. education program to prepare for U.S. college and an online learning environment.”

It was important for the school to have a comprehensive solution that empowered teachers to manage their classrooms and manipulate content and blended-learning options based on their specific students’ needs. ASSIST not only met all of Colégio Magister’s current needs, but it allowed the school to grow student enrollment and student achievement.

With the implementation of ASSIST, the school now offers an ecosystem that provides: Learning management, curriculum management, student management, content hosting, content provisioning and a fully-accredited school. Students got a boost in their language learning when the school added the comprehensive English Language content from ASSIST for all grades.

“With the enthusiasm of the faculty, staff, and students, the school-wide implementation of the robust ASSIST platform at Colégio Magister, created the perfect environment for school improvement and growth opportunities,” said Michael Spencer, CEO of ASSIST Education. “The investment they have made in revamping their school’s technology and processes will continue to pay off as they realize that growth throughout the years to come.”

To meet demand for English-language acquisition and U.S. college preparation, Colégio Magister, a blended-learning academy, strategically developed a high-quality dual-language program, fully leveraging ASSIST. The school’s goals for the program are based on Utah’s state benchmarks for a Dual Language Portuguese/English Program. Utah established a set of mastery levels, including: Novice High (NH) for speaking and Intermediate Low (IL) for listening in third grade, Intermediate Low (IL) for speaking and Intermediate Mid for listening in fifth grade, and Intermediate High (IH) for speaking and Intermediate High (IH) for listening in eighth grade. Colégio Magister created its own numbered “Magister Levels” inside of ASSIST, so that teachers and parents could see the students’ progression. The school set the highest level of English proficiency for 12th grade as a C1 or a TOEFL score of 100, and then worked backward to create grade-level benchmarks at the lower grades. The program administrators worked with teachers at every grade level to establish clear benchmarks for each grade, as well as assessments for listening, speaking, reading and writing fluency.

School Challenges That Inspired Change

Colégio Magister faced a number of challenges that encouraged it to change systems. This forward-thinking school offers differentiated learning opportunities for their students using a combination of in-class and online educational programs. But with nearly 1,000 students and 65 teachers and staff, Colégio Magister was quickly outgrowing its current systems and processes.

The school had been using multiple systems to provide parent communications, manage educational content, implement assessments and administer their grading systems. With the addition of ASSIST, applications and processes were improved with: Consistent platform management; stronger and trackable communication channels; comprehensive views of student accounts and student data; and improved grading systems.

In addition, educators and administrators of the school had been working within management systems with limited access to online content, which restricted their ability to provide individualized instruction. Administering assessments, providing blended learning options, and developing supplemental activities was a challenge with their previous sets of tools.

Implementing ASSIST

To pursue its goals, the Colégio Magister academy implemented the ASSIST educational ecosystem to integrate all administrative and curricular processes. The implementation of the ASSIST platform into the school was simple and cost effective with its web-based platform solution.

The fact that ASSIST was deployed as an overall school ecosystem, meant that professional development on the system for all staff and teachers could be done together, in easy-to-use online and in-person trainings, simplifying things further. Parents and students were provided with a presentation about the new system and were able to hit the ground running when it was deployed within just a few weeks.

Through ASSIST, the school took advantage of an embedded K-12 school, Advantages School International (ASI), which is fully accredited for grades K-12. The online content allowed the academy to add new online educational opportunities to their curriculum including U.S. High School Dual Diplomas and U.S. College Preparatory Diplomas. ASI is recognized world-wide and is fully accredited by AdvancEd, NCA, and CASI / SACS CASI.

Developed and supported by teachers, ASSIST provides superior client support and in-country support to ensure Colégio Magister and all schools are successful. The user-friendly and intuitive system allowed a fast start without the need for time-consuming and expensive professional development.

Benefits of Streamlining Systems

Colégio Magister in Brazil is one example of how international schools can streamline their processes and offer a dual diploma program with the ASSIST Ecosystem. This private school used the ASSIST Ecosystem to develop efficiencies that save money. The communication of administrative, communication and curriculum systems had many benefits for Colégio Magister. The one-stop-shop allowed for interoperability and flexibility. The school improved information accessibility and consistency, and empowered faculty, staff and students with new tools and capabilities to achieve success. Easy access to a content and learning management system provided teachers with all the necessary online tools for success and empowered them to develop a flexible and engaging teaching environment.

For more information about how to take advantage of ASSIST to improve efficiencies and increase student achievement, educators can email ASSIST Education at or call +1 (866) 984-3384.

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