Cloud-based support for Independent Schools, Public Schools, School Districts

ASSIST can accommodate all school types. Securely manage your school from any device.

ASSIST brings you a comprehensive, web based solution to securely manage your school's administrative needs.

Administrative features include customizing and management of Departments, Users, Grading Scales, Grading Periods, Academic Tracks and Registrar Information.

Use the Resource Library to broadcast, track and share web links, documents and video for professional development and user collaboration such as discussion boards, clubs and school organizations.

Manage student files with comprehensive views of all student related functions: section enrollment, teachers, course requests, grade assignment, transcripts, and all school communication.

Host curriculum and content on our LMS and manage course and section creation, with Single Sign ON.


Streamlined Application / Enrollment

Students create their own account and submit an application to the school, which goes through a customizable acceptance process until it is accepted, with automated notifications.

Student Data / Records / Portfolio

Student records are maintained on ASSIST (IEP, medical records, behavior interventions, etc.) and students are able to create and maintain their student portfolio, maintained securely on ASSIST.

Grade Book / Progress Reports / Transcripts

ASSIST has a built-in grade book for courses, and can be integrated with online content to pull grades directly from the source. All are directly applied to the transcript. Unofficial are available anytime, and official are generated from the school’s registrar.

Student Portal

Students use ASSIST to access records and unofficial transcripts, communicate with teachers, view learning plan and resource library. Students may also set up notifications for any of these items.


ASSIST has a multitude of reporting capabilities for school-wide management and accreditation purposes.

Communication Log

ASSIST tracks all communication between school, faculty, parents and students. Information is searchable and automatically logged. Parent portal allows parents to view their student’s files, initiate enrollment requests, course requests and communicate with teachers, advisory personnel, staff and administrators.

Individualized Learning Plan

Students are set up on a road map to graduation. This learning plan serves as a guideline for student success.

Course Completion Certificates

Schools are able to automate the issuance of completion certificates to students. Certificates are customizable and personalized and can readily shared on social media to celebrate success.

Staff Management

Manage your staff records, course enrollments, and professional development from ASSIST.


ASSIST is fully customizable for schools and districts.

Resource Library

The resource library is used to broadcast, track and share web links, documents and video for professional development, course collaboration, and content enhancement. Distribute to staff, students and/or parents. All staff are able to post resources.

Accounting / Invoicing

ASSIST has the ability to set up payment portals for services such as PayPal. In addition, schools may set up an invoice system for families to accommodate monthly, semester or yearly payment options.

Course Splash Page

Teachers are able to create and manage a splash page for each of their sections. Post items to this page to enhance the student engagement in the course and to share activities with the parents.


ASSIST calendar system is managed school-wide with admin and staff able to choose the audience for any calendar event. Syncs with Google calendar.


ASSIST enables users to set up notifications for new enrollments, assignments, communication and resources. Notification system preferences are established by the individual user, and schools and districts may utilize school wide notifications.

Superior administrative support

ASSIST’s comprehensive list of component supports the administration of “Brick and Mortar” traditional schools, Online Schools, Blended Learning programs, Districts and Dioceses, Charter and Private Schools.  ASSIST’s flexibility supports academic pacing as well as rolling admissions, intersession, summer school programs, remediation and credit recovery options.

Give your staff full time access to real time information. Our user interface is intuitive and user-friendly connecting them to data they need now. Your school has our full support and on-going training for the duration of our relationship.

ASSIST – built by educators, for educators.