Academic Tracks

ASI offers three different academic tracks to help every student meet their goals.

College Prep Diploma

Our College Preparatory track is for students needing a more rigorous study program in preparation for post secondary education. ASI follows the University of California system for course requirements for graduation. These are subject to change. Our registrar’s office maintains the most current requirements to ensure our students are ready for their post high school endeavors.

General Studies

Our general studies diploma is for students who are not planning on attending a four-year university directly out of high school. With the general studies diploma, students are able to attend a community college or trade school, join the military, or go directly into the work force. The requirements for our general studies diploma are significantly less than the college prep diploma.

Supplemental Offerings

Whether you need to retake a course or are trying to get ahead, ASI offers single courses without being a fully enrolled ASI student. You are able to receive transcripts for these single courses, and partial credit is an option. Our full course catalog is available to supplemental learners.