Academic Partnerships

You focus on your program's specialty.
Let us provide the academics.

Advantages School International has dozens of domestic school partnerships. We believe in putting children first and many children have unique sets of circumstances that prevent them from attending a traditional classroom setting. We let our partners focus on their specialty to support the needs of the student while we provide the academics and official transcripts and records.

Our partnerships range from professional or working students to students that need special support services or therapy. We provide confidential academic recourses to students in rehabilitation for substance abuse, as well as for students who are realizing dreams of excellence in competitive sports, and the performing arts.

Students can access their curriculum at any time that fits into their schedule. Students looking to simply graduate with a high school diploma may “fast track” through the curriculum. Additionally, students needing extra time or breaks in study, have it.

Since ASI partnerships can operate on a traditional school schedule or on a rolling enrollment system, students may earn partial credit for a course, complete full courses, or graduate in a full school program. Our transcripts reflect all credit earned at any level of completion.

Partnership Support

Continued Support ~ Continued Growth

Advantages will train your existing staff to use our products, saving your institution time and money on development and implementation costs. Additionally, there is continued support, training and professional development for the duration of our partnership.

Your staff and administration will learn how to use our Learning Management System (LMS) and semi customizable Student Information System (SIS) to quickly build your online and blended learning programs. And our technical team is available to help your program implement the API onto your own website for log in, and applications to the program directly to you.

Partnership Pricing

Expand your offerings quickly

Advantages School International believes in making our quality program available to students everywhere. With this belief deeply rooted in our program development, we have drastically cut our pricing to our partners so that they can generate new or additional revenue by offering additional quality academic programs without having to re-invent the wheel, or purchase curriculum themselves.

Please call us to learn more about our Academic Partnership program pricing and to see how Advantages School International can support your current program.